About us
We empower our creators by developing their voices, building their audiences across platforms, and connecting them to the right brands and opportunities.
Our Story
We connect our creators with brands that care

We empower our creators by developing their voices, building their audiences across platforms, and connecting them to the right brands and opportunities.

What We Do:


Cultivating a handful of creators as their exclusive 360° management, we help them forge meaningful relationships with leading agencies, brands, and press outlets. 


Empowering creators to become true changemakers and celebrate the things that make them unique, we provide them with resources and opportunities to amplify their voice across platforms.


Building partnerships between our creators and brands who care is a top priority. We place our creators in Superbowl and Oscars commercials, and other award-winning traditional, social, and experiential campaigns. We do so by collaboratively partnering closely with brands and their advertising and PR agencies.


Trailblazing across the digital and social space for nearly a decade, we understand that platforms, audiences, and forms of content are constantly shifting. We work with our creators as they adapt their voices accordingly, such that they become leading lights for platform initiatives such as YouTube’s Shorts, TikTok’s Instructive Accelerator Program, Snap's Discover, and Facebook's Soundbites.


Establishing relationships with all of the major and emerging platforms, as well as legacy brands and niche products, we also look to burgeoning markets and initiatives, in order to expand and strengthen our creators’ reach. From speaking engagements (our creators have upcoming speaking engagements at Netflix, Starbucks, and Pinterest) to consulting for Fortune 500 companies.


Advocating for a more inclusive and kind media landscape, we help pioneer diversity initiatives like YouTube’s Black Creator Fund and TikTok’s Instructive Accelerator Program and support advocacy initiatives with our friends like The Ad Council and St. Jude. We aim to positively disrupt the social and digital media realm through inclusive thinking, diverse and meaningful content, and an uplifting wave of positivity.


Our creators are regularly featured on television shows such as The Today Show and Good Morning America, publications such as People and Vogue, industry events like VidCon and BrandCast, and award shows like the Shortys and Streamies. 

Our message is loud. Our thinking is clear. Our work is never done. 

Things We Celebrate

Accessibility & Universal Design

An Eco-Friendly Future

Corporate Social Responsibility

Diversity, Equality & Inclusivity 

Driving Positive Change

Educational & Empowering Content 


Reuven Ashtar, one of Business Insider’s Top Influencer Talent Managers, runs Never Napping on three principles: creator empowerment, authentic storytelling, and relationship activation across the entertainment, media, and technology landscapes.

His expertise, which includes multiple law degrees with specialties in intellectual property, enables his creators to confidently approach opportunities to generate growth across borders, industries, and platforms through novel approaches aligning incentives with new partners. He also serves as a strategic advisor for companies ranging from Y Combinator startups to established entities like Deloitte, helping them gain both insight and access. He has spoken at Google HQ and TikTok, and is featured in Hachette’s guide to “Becoming TikTok Famous”.