The Sorry Girls

are upcycling and decor creators with over 4 million followers, who focus on education, sustainability & self-empowerment. They lead a community of makers and doers, teaching DIY, home-improvement, fashion upcycling, and thrifting tips for aesthetically-pleasing yet eco-conscious solutions. Working with brands ranging from Ikea to Etsy, Pepsi, Nintendo, Google, and Instax, they have been celebrated on shows such as Good Morning America and The Drew Barrymore Show, and in publications like the New York Times Times and Refinery 29.

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Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid started their creative journey together in 2010 when they met in university and dubbed themselves as The Sorry Girls for their new YouTube channel. As proud Canadians, they chose their name as a nod to the common stereotype that Canadian’s are kind and overly apologetic. In the beginning their channel was focused around small craft projects they could achieve from their dorm, such as Halloween costumes and knitting tutorials, but it quickly turned into their own creative outlet that resonated with do-ers across the globe. Now with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 10 years under their tool belt, The Sorry Girls is a full-scale digital media brand focusing on DIY, sustainability, and interior design. In the past decade The Sorry Girls have expanded their brand to encompass multiple digital platforms and have made appearances everywhere from your local newspaper to DIYing in Times Square with Good Morning America. This reach has meant that Kelsey and Becky have been able to inspire all different ages and demographics to pick up a drill and do it themselves.