The Icing Artist

is a baker, host, digital creator and self-taught baking extraordinaire.

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So you want to get to know me better eh? Well to start, I am obsessed with everything crafty and creative. Always have been! Growing up even though I loved art, I sucked at it. My mom can back me up there. Along side artsy stuff I also LOVED baking. Jump forward a decade, I combined my passion of art and icing. Boom “The Icing Artist” was born. You may have thought that the name comes from being a baking bad ass, but you would be wrong. I’m an Icing Artist because icing is the only art I don’t suck at! But let’s back up a tic. Before I went into the cake world, I was a cabinet maker. I know! Odd right?? But I had that stupid pressure of teachers to pick a path in life. Not knowing what to do because I was 14 and didn’t have my whole life mapped out….. I chose woodworking. It was hands on, creative, and I got to play with big power tools. What’s not to love? Well, a lot apparently. I liked it, but it was boring and a lot of the same crap over and over. The best part about being a cabinet making, had nothing to do with cabinet making at all. It had to do with a boy named Kevin. I definitely put a ring on that! It was Kevin’s idea to start a YouTube channel. My whole goal was to share what I had learned so far in the cake world, and build a career for myself. But having no filming background, it was a bumpy start. I was a one woman show for a long time. Doing all of the lighting, filming, editing and of course cake decorating. All the while not being very good at any of it. But I learned a lot, and quickly realized I loved creating videos even more than the cakes. Six years later and too many bumps in the road to count, I have the best job in the world. Where my hubby and I work full time together with our team, travel the world, meet incredible people and create videos for you peeps! XO