ASAP Science

AsapSCIENCE are science-celebrating YouTube stars, comedians, and activists. They began their journey as scientists and subsequently transformed their passion for it into a force for inspiration. When they’re not creating viral video content for their YouTube channel (they interact daily with an audience of 9.7 million fans on YouTube alone, and have a lifetime view count of 1,254,460,121 on YouTube alone), they use their platform to speak on sustainability, queer voices in science and entertainment, and the power of science to shape cultural movements and better both individual fan’s lives, and everything big and small across our planet.

Beyond YouTube, they have shared their powerful message in their New York Times best-selling book, spoken at the UN, and collaborated with Greenpeace. They’ve also found ways to create video content with other inspiring forces, such as NASA, BBC, National Geographic, Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and The Gates Foundation. Their video partnership with Emma Thompson on seismic blasting in the arctic and its influence on indigenous lives helped changed legislation.

Their infectious humour and creativity are catalysts for positive change and meaningful education and thought.

10+ million followers: YouTube (8.7M) | Facebook (2.8M) | Instagram (583K) | Twitter (780k)